Heather provides a unique healing experience through a variety of massage techniques: deep tissue, trigger point therapy, integrative energy work, meridian and acupressure points, with a deep awareness for each clients’ needs. Heather’s style incorporates the subtle energy and wisdom of each individual and their own body’s wisdom to promote balance.

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About Heather

I’ve been practicing massage therapy for 18 years now. I got into massage because I realized the healing power in touch. I got hooked on massage in my twenties when I was a secondary education teacher for at-risk children. It was a very stressful job and at the time I had the opportunity to get regular massage work. I committed to myself to receive massage 2 times a month during that job which lasted for five years. I knew some of the benefits of massage, but had no idea that I would feel more empowered with my own health and wellness and reducing stress. I soon became interested in other mind-body practices like yoga and meditation.

I graduated massage school in 1998 and began my own practice. In 2002 I completed my yoga training and opened up Jaya Yoga Center here in Denver. I found I could offer my client’s tools, such as yoga postures, breathing techniques and movements to enhance the health benefits we were doing through massage work. After years of practicing, I became drawn to learning more about our bodies and modalities I could offer to my clients. I now have my Masters in Acupuncture from CSTCM.

I love what I do! I enjoy working with clients and helping people find balance in their bodies as well as in their spiritual body. I have worked on some clients for over 12 years. I often treat the whole family, from children to grandparents! I believe that healing our bodies through massage, nutrition and exercise is natural and sustaining to a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Since I have been at the J this past year, I find myself blessed to have met such wonderful people throughout the programs.

My time away from massage and yoga is spent with my 10 (almost 11) year old daughter, Rose. She is bright and busy! She also enjoys getting massage from me as often as she can. We often travel to the mountains for a hot springs trip, hiking and backpacking or just spending nice days out riding our bikes and going for a swim.


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